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About Me

In a humid summer afternoon in 1992, I received an unexpected birthday gift. It was my first camera, a Contax RTS II. It was a dark and beautiful creature, and immediately captured the little boy’s soul. In my younger days, I was inspired to seize the unnoticed moments in the day-to-day life. Soon, I developed a sense to retell stories with photographs. I believed that the truly great photos require absolute truthfulness. This notion had accompanied me to the teenage years. Yet it was challenged when I slowly realized the reality is seen through perspective, rendered in the mind of each individual. As my understanding of the world around me deepened, plain photographs no longer told these stories in my mind. Years later, when I started helping on set at a fashion photo studio, I came to the realization of what photography meant to me as an artistic tool. There has always been a part of me that is cold yet wild that is rooting deep underneath my warm and friendly personality. Working on fashion stories is a deeply satisfying experience. It helps me to express the withdrawn and arrogant side of my pandaly heart. 🐼

Contact Me

I am currently located in New York City. Some of my photographs are available for purchase, either for collection or commercial purposes. I am also available for hire for either fashion or art projects. Due to my other devotions (mainly software design and development), international travel is not preferable. That being said, I love to travel to new places. So, don’t be discouraged.


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